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       The Ratnadurga or Bhagawati fort which was built in the 12th century is situated near the Ratnagiri docks. This huge fort is spread over 120 acres of land and is almost 1211 meters in length and 917 meters wide. It is located just 1 km to the west of Ratnagiri. The small fort has 9 bastions whereas the entire fort has a total of 29 bastions. Ratnadurga fort is divided into three parts of Peth, the small fort, and the lighthouse. As the fort is surrounded by sea from three sides and the lighthouse on the fourth side the scene looks very picturesque. The Ratnadurga fort is hardly at a height of 100 meters from its base, it is very easy to climb and leads directly to the Goddess Bhagawati temple.

ratnadurg fort

       We enter through the entrance of the fort, there is a Shiva temple of Lord Shiva situated on the inside. On the way to the Goddess of Goddess Bhagawati, you can see a place covered with walls on four sides in one place. That’s the three-way subway. Today, the subway is not in use, there is a huge cave in the place where the end of this ghost is situated on the coast, to the entrance gate to the fort. A little ahead of the three-way underground tunnel covered with this wall, there is a bastion of a sea view. The bastion is named Reed Burj, which has a pillar on it. On the one side of the fort, there is a lighthouse and the whole of Ratnagiri city and the ocean are full of beautiful scenery from this lighthouse. There are a small lake and a deep in the fort.

       Surrounded by sea from three sides, this fort gives a spectacular view of Ratnagiri. There is an old abandoned jetty on the left side and a huge cliff on the other side. bhagwati fort        Viewing sunset from this fort can be treated as one of the bests in Konkan. The best time to visit this fort is during the monsoons. Lavish greenery along with the blue sea create a fascinating view.


How to reach: Approximate driving distance between Mumbai and Ratnadurg Fort is 345 km. From Ratnagiri, it took 14 mins the distance is 5.4 km.

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