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       The Thiba Rajwada in Ratnagiri city is a major attraction for tourists. The British landed the Thibba king of Burma in 1885 and brought it to Ratnagiri. The British Government built the three-story Palace in 1910 for him. In the Palace, Thiba King went to live in 1911. The scenic beauty of the beach is seen on the terrace of the palace. On the backside, the king is a figure of Buddha brought from Burma. In the same area, there is an ancient museum. On the ground floor, there is a special attraction for artists on the ancient murti and upper floors. Other than Monday, the Palace is open for tourists by 5 p.m.

       Thiba Rajwada is the palace of Ratnagiri built by the British to keep the king of Thiba Min, formerly of Burma, right now. It was built in the year 1910. Until 1916, the king and queen of Myanmar lived in this palace. Now there is a regional museum in this palace. Some of the things used to use in this palace are still preserved.
thiba rajwada palace

       On the seashore of Ratnagiri, a Vaastu of the King of Burma is sitting on the ground. Name Thiba Palace! The king, who called the rebel against British rule, had to take his life for thirty years here in captivity. In his real life, this museum, which has created a memorial in its palace, has been shaped. Before watching this museum of Thiba, the palace itself makes us love. This magnificent area of 27 acres and the height of its height! This Brahmadian style house stands out from Konkan’s Jambh stone, Burma teak wood of Burma and British architect. Second-floor building on the third floor! Total fourteen rooms and two large windows;

       Apart from the kitchen, bathroom, furnishings, patches, Dadar’s structure, as well as the whole of the building, Varanasi Chamber of Varanasi! Inside the palace’s palace, its grandeur is felt. The height of the window, the windows of the window closure. The Mokal Chowk that opens the sky in the middle of this two-story building, the front garden structure, the fountain that runs in the open square. After all, this is the time to get the attention of the palace.

       Near this palace, there is a Radio Center where we can see the Thiba Point which is one of the visitor’s attractions in Ratnagiri. This place is famous for tourists to observe the beauty of Sunset.

Thiba Palace

How to reach: Distance from Mumbai approx. 348.2 km by car/bus. Travel time up to 8hr 21 mins. From Ratnagiri, it took 2 km by car/bus

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