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Temples to visit before Living KONKAN/MALVAN..!!




       Jai Ganesh Temple “Jai Ganesh Mandir”, which is half a kilometer from the city of Malvan, is a beautiful tourist destination. This temple has been established by Kalanirayakar Jyotirbhaskar Jayantrao Salgaonkar. The temple has been named as “Jai Ganesh” with the concept of universal prosperity from all the world trade to business. There are eight statues of Ganesha on the inner side of the chamber in the chamber of the assembly. Standing in the hall, eight idols of the eight paths are standing in front of you, and after standing there, this gold jeweler looks like Siddhi-Buddhi and looks with the grace and grace.

       In the hands of Shree Siddhi in Jai Ganesh temple, paper, hand, and shield, The traditional meditation of Ganesha is auspicious. The Mandir is in the middle of the meeting with a distinctive octagonal oyster. Each nakshi has been used to measure eight times. Devotees of devotees who stand on this place are full of faith. At Makar Sankranti, when the sun rays fall on the statue, there is a special gathering at the time when the gold of Ganesha starts to glimmer with the bright glow.

jai ganesh mandir malvan

How to reach: Jai Ganesh Temple has situated around 530 km from Mumbai city and can reach by road through private buses or cars. Malvan is the next of kin town, you can reach Rameshwar Temple by private cab or autos. From Malvan it took 2 km by road.




       Its believed that deity is vigilant/wakeful to its devotee’s prayers. There is no exact evidence regarding the erection of this holy place, but its historical reference dates back to even before 1684 AD. Some engraving on the wall of the temple reveals that the beginning of construction happened in 1684 AD. Its historical background assures it pomp and grandeur of the princely state. Shri Dev Rameshwar peak the title of “Inamdar Shri Dev Rameshwar Sansthan Kasaba Achare“.

       The main structure of the temple was built in 1684 AD. In 1805 sanctuary was built. In 1830 it was reconditioned. Caravansary and Rawalnath temple was built afterward in the same area. Until this date, this divinity holds as the landowner of the whole village. Any record related to land business deal stresses this fact. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the great ruler of Maharashtra had given charitable donations through remunerations for the upkeeping of the temple. Even Maharaj’s naval chief Kanoji Angre was also worried about it. This structure was continued in the rules of Peshwas and the British. The post-independence period is not an exception.

       Several traditional activities are still carried out with the same zeal and fervor. These lovely programs are sheer promise to cheer your spirits. “Ramanawami” is the biggest celebrations, Kartikostav, Dashahara, Hanuman Jayanti, Mahashivaratri are other fascinating functions.

How to reach: Rameshwar Temple has situated around 523 km from Mumbai city and can reach by road through private buses or cars. Malvan is the nearest town, you can reach Rameshwar Temple by private cab or autos. From Malvan it took 7 km by road.




       Its 12 km away from Malvan, in Bilwas is situated on Masure road. An old & huge temple at the bottom side of Bilwas mountain is a great attraction of tourists. Shri Sateri is the residency deity of Bilwas. This temple with enormous sabha mandap built in the 12-13th century. This temple was encircled with lake water, so it’s called ‘Jalmandir’. But nowadays, only mud is spread over in the lake.

       In the old days, Bilwas was a part of Masure village. A Lake with clean water spread with greenery on its bench. Cattle were come across there to drink water. One day at midday, two buffalos started fighting in a lake, suddenly a buffalo struck the anthill present in the lake, & bleeding started from that anthill. When cattlemen knew about it, they got astonished & decided to build a temple on an anthill. The lots of tourists & devotees come from Maharashtra & even from Kerala, Karnataka to adore & pray the Godhead.

How to reach: Tourists can use private or public transport for the road trip. From Malvan it took 36 mins approx. by car or by private buses. From Mumbai to Shri. Sateri Temple, it took 514.6 km.




Shri. Bhagwati Temple built by Army Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre, about 50 years ago (Shake 1647). The inscriptions of such a body are on the walls of this temple. There was a fort earlier in this village with a historical background. The name of this village is called “Kottakamta”. This whole area is dominated by Aamrai. Now the fort has been destroyed and some remains of it.

        The goddess’s carcass is a statue in the temple. There are two old trees of Vad and Pimple in front of the temple. Under this tree, there is a lion image of Goddess’s vehicle at the entrance to the temple. Wooden pillars in the temple courtyard and carvings on it are wonderful. There are two caves near the temple. It is celebrated in the 10th century with the traditional style of Navratri festival in which the institutionalization is going on. Enjoying the celebration here is a festival. The Dhamapur Lake is also situated within the premises of the temple and is regarded as one of the largest lakes in the district. This artificial lake was built by King Nagesh Desai in 1530. It is famous for coconut and mango plantations and its crystal clear water.

How to reach: The minimum time a bus/car takes to reach Malvan from Mumbai is 12h 55m. The cheapest way to reach Malvan from Mumbai takes you 7h 27m, which is to take “Jan Shatabdi Express” from Mumbai to Kudal then take a taxi from Kudal to Malvan. From Malvan it took 28 km. The village name is Munage.




       Anganewadi in Malvan is more famous for its Bharadi Devi temple and the most popular fair called Anganewadi Jatra which is held annually. The most fascinating thing about this fair is its changing date which is finalized by mutual consent in February every year. There are many tales about the appearance of the goddess in this village of Malvan District.

bharadi devi temple

In Maharashtra, there are several temples called “Jagrut Devasthan” and many deities having a great wish-fulfilling power fulfill the wishes of the devotees. These wishes are expressed in the form of “Nawas” at the Jagrut Devasthans. The devotees receive what they asked for belief is strengthened and they return to the place along with offerings for the deity. “Bharadi Devi of Anganewadi” is one of the “Jagrut Devasthans” in Malvan accomplishing the wishes of all those tourists who come to this place with love and great belief. The visitors include many types like politicians, celebrities, and tourists on a Malvan visit.

       The satisfaction of the visitors to the Anganewadi fair keeps on increasing its popularity beyond the borders and attracts several devotees every year. The ceremonies at the fair are really interesting which include beautifying the stone plaque of the deity with ornaments, masks, and new clothing. Afterward, the village barber standing in front of the temple reflects sun rays over the plaque. There is one more interesting trend that strengthens unity and cooperation among the residents during this fair. In this trend, one female from the family to join the cooking at the temple which offered as Prasad to devotees. The Jatra lasts for one and a half day only, but amazingly brings flocks of devotees from the neighboring region.

bharadi devi temple malvan

How to reach: From Malvan, it just takes 10 km from the city. There are plenty of traveling options by road to reach Anganewadi. Nearby railway stations are Kankavli. From Mumbai, it takes 11 hr 33 min by private car/bus.