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       The coastal areas of the coastal coast of Maharashtra are still protecting Swarajya. These repositories are still standing by the steep necklace while keeping an eye on the ocean floor. Those forests have to be garnished by looking at the history covered by forests and bushes. Seeing today’s state of artificial area battle, our hearts are sad. Visitors who look after Swarajya-like guardians seem to be released from their lessons. The fort that stands today with the steep necklace and the protector of Swarajya, is ‘Suvarnadurga‘. There is no water available on this water tank situated on the edge of an ocean, so take water with it.

suvarnadurg fort
       From the point of view, the local fishermen’s organization has kept small shoots for reaching the fort. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the Golden Horse from the boat. To get the boat, the person is charged Rs 60-70. Without the shock to enter Suvarnadurga, it is necessary to get rid of white sand and knee-deep water on the shores of Golden Ridge. This white sand tribute has reached the entrance of the fort. Often the entrance is not visible because of the bush outside the entrance. In the same bush, you see guns being awful. Durga’s gateway is east and is north-facing.
       Hanuman’s image is carved on the right side of the fort. This statue is created after Shiva. Inside the entrance, the two wardrobe dears are visible. There are stone steps to go to the walls on both sides of the fort. There is a need to take a stroll away from the bushes on the fort. On the left-hand side, there is the Bandhav Vihir and the palace chawthar next to the palace. On the south side of the fort, there is a strong building storied. From the strong walls of the Golden Temple, there are well-drained wells and ruins of the ruined castle.
       A beautiful show house is still in good condition on the west coast of Durga. A few steps down from this gate, the ten feet of the fort are rooted. There you can see the owl lying in there. There are seven wells on the fort, but there is no temple anywhere.

How to reach:

  1. To reach the Fort, one has to take a boat ride from Harne village. You can reach the Suvarnadurg fort only by boats from Harne Village. Currently, there is no regular boat service to the fort but boats are available through the local fishermen. Every day, many tourists visit this fort by boats.
  2. The nearest railway station to Harnai is Khed.
  3. By car from Mumbai to Suvarnadurg Fort, it takes 5 Hrs 40 mins.
Google Maps from Mumbai to Suvarnadurg Fort: