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       Ratnagiri City is also known as world-famous for Alphonso Mangoes. It is located in the south-west part of Maharashtra, India. Ratnagiri is the district of Maharashtra state. It is a major monkey in India. Mango, cashew nuts, coconut, rice, etc. Ratnagiri Haapus mango is famous all over the world. Fishing is an important business of Ratnagiri. “Bharatiya” is a Coconut Research Center in Ratnagiri Taluka. This center has been linked to Konkan Agriculture University.

       Experience the taste of the fresh Konkani variety is also very pleasant. These food made from Mavu are used. Such substances are found in the prepared form in Ratnagiri’s village.Various foods such as fenny, ambbapoli, mangodi, various types of sorbets, carrots, chocolates, ribs, or bottled mangoes, chikki, etc. are popularly bought. Many of these jobs are dependent on the employment of the industry.

       When the summer is growing, the carrots covered with mangoes that appear in the mangoes that are standing alongside. Because the haapus mango has a good price, the movement of the gardens has begun to maintain the garden. Wooden boxes are started for packing of mangoes.     The remaining straw farmers after paddy cultivation are kept uprooted (heap) and kept. This bundle is demanded mango packaging. It is also haphazard from the local market. In many places on the Mumbai-Goa highway, the farmers are sitting on sale of mango. From Ratnagiri to every private vehicle going to Mumbai or Pune, the box of haapus appears in these days.


       Summer or yellowish-brown color of Kajubond, which shines from the cashew tree on the roadside. Its casual bean is also attractive as it is. On the market, the wet cashew nuts are grown like cucumber. It has a lot of heat. Fresh cashew nuts are available at the sales center in the Lanja-Rajapur area. In some places, it can be enjoyed with saffron flavors made from cashew nut.  One of the best places to visit in Ratnagiri city is Ratnagiri Fort which is also called Ratnadurg Fort/Bhagwati Fort and Thibba Palace too.

alphonso mangoes of ratnagiri

Eating out:  The cuisine here includes Alphonso mangoes, Cashews, Amboli, Sandan, and different types of Sharbhats including the special Kokam sharbat, Amba Panna, and Shahalyache Paani which might be some of the most delicious and unique beverages you ever taste. Along with this are the other delicacies like Ambapoli, Solkhandi, Mori Masala curry or Shark Curry and Mavani Mutton curry, and more.

 How to reach: Distance between Mumbai to Ratnagiri is 330 km by road and 362 km by Rails. There are 43 direct trains from Mumbai to Ratnagiri

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