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       Murud’s Beach is in Dapoli, Konkan is certainly prominent along with the green forest, the gulf, the blue sea, the Ruperi-Chanderi-sand-coconut gardens. During entrance in the night at the turn of the new Nakabachi palace, Murud in the beautiful horizon of the sea, the Largeflow lamps, and Murud in three mountains of the city are also attractive in the dimness of night.
The sun shines in the morning’s blooming sunlight, about two and a half kilometers of bleached water. The seaside of the sun shines for the tourists, not finding the best and safe coastline for the beach. If you look for Goa, this natural beauty is accidentally found in a sea place. So this coast is the main attraction of tourists.
       Durga Devi Mandir’s pillars and roof are carved out of wood with intricate figures and are delightfully painted in pastel shades. All pillars are different from each other. A huge metal bell allegedly brought from the Vasai fort by Chimaji Appa is also on the present.
       Murud beach is built of quite smooth sand and is secure for swimming. Activities like parasailing, dune buggy rides, camel rides, horse-cart rides, and water scooters are available. Dolphin watching boats leave early in the morning to take tourists out into the sea to watch dolphins.

murud beach
       A gallery shelter unique photographs and articles used by Maharshi Karve is maintained by Vaze family. Keshavraj mandir is nearby Asud and “Kadyavarcha Ganpati” is nearby Anjarle are both worth visiting.
The sea looks clean like a village. All the surroundings remain pleasing because of the lovely buildings on the coast, the beautiful palace on the right hand, and the beautiful Nawabshala buildings.
Tourists are always baffled for golden sand, chimney-painted rangles, seashells, and thousands of tourists are excited about the sunset at Murud Beach.

How to reach:

  1. Roha railway station on the Konkan line is the nearest one which is connected by rail to Mumbai.
  2.  Roha to Murud Janjira takes about an hour by Taxi service.
  3. By car it takes 3 Hrs 45 mins from Mumbai to Murud Janjira.

Google Maps from Mumbai to Murud Beach: