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Places to visit in Malvan


       It is a Small Town and Taluka Center in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Malvan city consists of villages such as Aangnechi wadi, Achra, Khalchi Devli, Jamdul, Juva, Pankhol, and Sarjekot. The main occupation here is fishing with the staple diet of the local people fish curry and rice. This city is famous for the cultivation of Cashew and Kokam. The diet of the local people is fish curry and rice. The town provides Alphonso mangoes and is also well-known for sweets such as Malvani Khaja made from gram-besan flour and coated jaggery along with Malvani Ladoos. Malvani Dashavtar, a drama-play based on mythological tales, is an important cultural factor of the area.

malvan city

       Several fictitious and some more trustworthy stories related to the name Malvan exist. Salt manufacturers use the term “Mahalavan” to describe a region rich in salt, a compound word from “Maha” meaning great, and “lavan” meaning plantation (or salt). Another possibility is an unwritten derivative of the blend of “Mad” and “Ban”, Malvani for coconut trees and garden respectively, concerning a large number of coconut trees in the region. Malvan City

Eating out: Malvan is famous for its seafood. Fried fish is a must try and Fish curry with steamed rice makes for a wholesome meal. Solkadi – drink made out of kokum with a touch of chilly, makes a proper end to a lavish meal. Malvani Laddoos made from gram powder and jaggery is a pleasure for people with a lovable tooth.

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How to reach: The minimum time it takes by car is 13hrs because the distance is 524km from Mumbai. By train, it takes 7hrs 30min by Jan Shatabdi Exp. From Mumbai to Kudal and than take a taxi from Kudal station to Malvan. The fastest way to reach in Malvan from Mumbai it takes 5hrs 10min by GoAir from Mumbai to Goa and then take a taxi from Goa to Malvan.

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