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       Kolamb Beach is the key attraction. Here is the Kolamb Creek If your lucky, there’s the slightest possibility that one might spot dolphins diving through tidal water, jumping up and down. A Kolamb Creek, which is quite prominent for a couple of adventure activities that take place here. Visitors enjoy the thrilling and great experience of Scuba Diving. Other water sports include parasailing, banana ride, water scooter, bumpy ride. Safety is given great importance and these rides are open to all including young people as well as senior citizens. One more place near Kolamb beach is “Rock Garden”.

kolamb beach

How to reach: Tourists can use private or public transport for the road trip. Those who are willing to take the train, kudal village railway station is the nearest at a distance of 30 km. From Mumbai to kolamb beach it took 527.5 km.