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        The furthest neighborhood from the city on the list, The Beach is a breathtaking and relaxation waterfront for tourists. The Beach has an entirely different feeling, there is nowhere else like it. Charming cottages that feature elaborate gables and date from a gentler timeline sloping streets down to a series of beaches.

Here are some 5 Best Beaches in Konkan & Malvan Coastal areas:-

      The Beach has the air of a loving seaside resort town, with the added attraction of water sports and gaming facilities that are running through it. Here you’ll find everything from ice cream parlors to curio shops to cafes to a wide array of family-friendly restaurants, most owned and run by local shopkeepers, markets of fresh fish, seasonal mango, chikkis, cashews and many more. 

       Rock Gardens is the social center of The Beach, and where you can enjoy with your family and friends. On hot summer days, hordes of people head to The Beach for rest, relief, and relaxation. When the water quality is certified as safe, it’s also a great place to swim and enjoy the water.


       Many Tourists visit these beaches in Malvan for relaxation and a picnic type of holiday had been spent here with their friends and family. The Beaches is so clean and neat in Malvan, Maharashtra. Here we can also play water sports like scuba diving, banana ride, and parasailing too.
       Malvani & Konkani food is very much famous in this city where you can get fresh fish dishes all over the beach.