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        If you want to see the Ghats on one side and the Beach on the other side, you have to visit Aarey-Ware Beach near Ratnagiri. Aarey-Ware beach is about 15 km from Ratnagiri.

       Aarey and Ware are the twin beaches here formed by the tip of a mountain that penetrates the sea. These twin beaches are the essence of any famous beach. Visitors fall in love with the beautiful, moonlight beaches of Aarey-Ware. Seen from here, the invisible Athang Sagar looks very calm. When the sky is clear, the sea is blue. The waves come to the shore in a rhythmic way without calming down. When you experience this, even the excitement in your mind calms down somewhere inside.

        That is why you can experience the natural beauty of the Konkan with its distant sea, white sand, coconut, and Suruchi forests all around. This is the secret of the beauty of Aarey-ware beach. The Ratnagiri-Ganpatipule ghat is a road that leads to a red clay hill on one side and a sea view on the other side.

areyware beach

       Going this route is also a different experience. If you want to come here, you have to have your own vehicle. Slightly down the road, that is, on the beach, let come straight to the beach. The coast is five to seven kilometers long. Not only are there no dining facilities for tourists; Living in the nearby villages of Aarey and Basani can be a domestic convenience. If you want to become one with nature here by listening to the sound of the waves, then you should take some rest time instead of rushing.

       Some places like Ganpatipule, Bhagwati fort, Malgund, Ware creek are also close by. But if you want to see the “Spontaneous Look” of the beach in all these places, there is no option then Aarey-Ware.

       Stop at this ghat of Aarey-Ware at any time in the morning, afternoon, evening. Sitting on the nearby rocks and enjoying the sweet water of the school, you should keep this unforgettable sight in your eyes and return to sleep.